La réponse citoyenne et non violente à l'impunité d'Israël.

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Why boycott Nestlé and its subsidiaries?

Sderot is built on the land of the Palestinian Arab village of Najd which was occupied by the Zionist invaders on May 13 1948 and then destroyed. The original residents of Najd became refugees most in the Gaza Strip (some less than a mile away from their original homes!). The Zionist state continues to deny them their right to return to their homes and lands of origin. Among the prominent foreign corporations doing business on the stolen land of Najd, Nestlé maintains a research and development facility, and production facilities for breakfast cereals. ALL ON STOLEN ARAB LAND. Boycott Nestlé!

Why boycott L'Oreal and its subsidiaries?

Al-Mujaydil to the north of Palestine was depopulated of its Palestinian Arab residents by the invading Zionists in 1948 and was renamed Migdal HaEmek which now has 24,000 illegal Jewish settlers living in it! Before that, 18,165 out of 18,836 dounams of the land of al-Mujaydil was privately owned by Palestinian Arabs and the remainder were public village lands. The villagers were expelled and have since been denied their right to return to their homes and lands. So, why boycott L'Oreal and its subsidiaries? The French corporation L'Oreal has a manufacturing facility here built on the stolen Arab land of Al-Mujaydil.

The renamed village Migdal HaEmek is known also as The Silicon Valley of the Zionist state. Many high-tech Israeli and global high tech companies are located in three industrial parks. Among the companies: Tower Semiconductor (foundry), RSL (Control and Diagnostic solutions for defense and commercial applications ), KLA-Tencor (inspection tools), CI Systems (electro-optical test systems, non contact temperature sensors and wet chemistry analyzers), Nilit (Nylon for textile industry and thermoplastics for industrial and commercial applications), Vishay (discrete and passive semiconductors components) and a few others.